About Noto

The Natural Beauty and Traditional Culture of the “Real Japan” Live On in Noto


Ishikawa Prefecture is located in the center of the Japanese Archipelago, and Noto is the part of Ishikawa on the peninsula that sticks out into the sea, with the rough Sea of Japan to the west and the calm Toyama Bay to the east. Noto-cho is located in the northeastern part of Noto, against the calm waters of Toyama Bay, and is a place where you can find the traditional natural beauty of Japan even today.

Farm village culture and customs live on in Noto, and the area is renowned for its biological diversity: in 2011, Noto became the first Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System in Japan.

This web site is here to provide sightseeing information about Noto-cho. We hope that you’ll visit Noto-cho too, to enjoy the traditional culture and beautiful natural scenery of Japan.

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