Beautiful Mountains and Beautiful Coasts


Noto-cho is a relatively small town of 20,000 or so with a long-flourishing fishing industry. Even today, people and nature live in harmony here, for scenery reminiscent of Japan long ago. Shunran no Sato, a collection of farmer minshuku inns with hearths, spread out between the mountains, offers guests a chance to experience the richness of life in a mountainside country village. With farms growing strawberries, blueberries, and more, guests can pick fruits during their peak seasons and enjoy their incredibly fresh, sun-bathed sweetness.

The coasts are just as breathtaking, with places like the famous Koiji Coast soothing the hearts of visitors with the view of the placid waters of Toyama Bay. Koiji Coast also makes a popular swimming destination in summer. The ria coast of Tsukumo Bay, composed of 99 inlets, is another of Noto-cho’s best known sightseeing destinations — hop aboard a pleasure cruise for a chance to truly enjoy the scenery. The cruise route along the rocky coasts lining the inside of the bay is a great way to see the fish and other marine life of the Toyama Bay up close, and visitors can go snorkeling in summer for even closer encounters.The remains of villages dating back to the prehistoric Jomon period have also been unearthed in Noto-cho. Today, visitors to Mawaki Ruins Park can experience Jomon-period culture hands-on.

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