Reports from locals

Noto is a treasure trove of delicious foods, making it perfect for chefs.

Benjamin Flatt(Minshuku Flatt's)

I'm the owner and chef at Flatt's, a minshuku my wife and I opened in 1997 in her hometown of Noto-cho. In Sydney, I had worked as a chef at an Italian restaurant, and now I make “Noto Italian” food, using the fresh ingredients available in Noto.

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A relaxed lifestyle where you can be true to yourself.

Jiri Kotynek(Nihonkai Club)

I work as the braumeister for Heart & Beer Nihonkai Club. I studied at a brewing school for four years in the Czech Republic, the home of beer. After I graduated, I worked at a large beer brewery for about a decade, making beer. What brought me to Noto was when someone from my school who had graduated ahead of me asked me if I wanted to work at Heart & Beer Nihonkai Club.

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A great place to go back to basics and feel people's warmth.

Wang Min Haw(Shunran no Sato)

I studied at a hospitality and tourism college in Tokyo. For a month, I held an internship at Shunran no Sato, a group of farmer minshuku inns where guests can try Noto's mountainside village lifestyle hands-on. When I graduated, I got an invitation from the director of the Shunran no Sato executive committee asking if I wanted to work there. So in 2010 I became a member of the Shunran no Sato executive committee.

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