Reports from locals

Wang Min Haw

Reports from local

Wang Min Haw(Shunran no Sato)

My name is Wang Min Haw. My wife and I are from Taiwan, and we moved to Noto in 2010. I studied at a hospitality and tourism college in Tokyo. For a month, I held an internship at Shunran no Sato, a group of farmer minshuku inns where guests can try Noto’s mountainside village lifestyle hands-on. When I graduated, I got an invitation from the director of the Shunran no Sato executive committee asking if I wanted to work there. So in 2010 I became a member of the Shunran no Sato executive committee.

“A great place to go back to basics and feel people’s warmth.”

A Place Where You Can Feel Yourself Going Back to Basics

I like everything about Noto! But the thing I like most is the people. Everyone here is very warm and friendly. Connecting with people is much more important here than in big cities, and you can feel yourself going back to basics. If I absolutely had to pick something I don’t like about Noto… maybe there’s a little too much snow? [laughs]

Before I came to Noto, I lived in Yokohama. Japan is beautiful and safe, but there are too many people in big cities, and I began to feel kind of distant toward the people around me. On the other hand, after moving to Noto, where we all eat foods that we make ourselves, and we all help each other out in our neighborhoods, every day feels like a joy with no inconveniences, and I feel like Japan is really a very friendly place.

Noto’s Traditional Weddings and a Conversation with the Crown Prince

I still remember our traditional Japanese wedding, held at Shunran no Sato in 2012. All of the parts of the traditional Japanese wedding ceremony were completely new to me, so it was a lot of fun. I’m thankful to everyone who was part of our celebration.

I also remember when the crown prince made an official visit in 2013 to see how we do our jobs at Shunran no Sato.He talked a lot with me, and though I was really nervous at the time, it was a very memorable experience.

Start by Trying Noto’s Mountainside Village Lifestyle

If you have internet access, it’s easy enough to get information and goods that there’s no real need to live in a big city. In Japan’s old-fashioned mountainside villages, you can enjoy a lifestyle full of the joys of rural life and experience the natural riches that the people here have carefully passed down from generation to generation. Most importantly, though, just come and see Noto. You’re sure to experience something you’ve never tried before.